The 37th DaNang Air Base
This Great Aerial Shot Was Submitted By: Chip Nordwig
Thanks Chip!!!

This site is for all members of the 37th Signal, regardless of company or unit. We invite members of all signal battalions to join us here if you can't find your own battalion -- hell, we are all 1st Signal Brigade and Bros in the end!

All I expect is for everyone to respect each other. Any harassment or threats against another member will be cause for immediate expulsion from this site. No Excuses!

But for now, Welcome!

Join our site and have fun!

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This site is to have fun and to exchange experiences. Remember, this is a part of you! Your names and stories will live on long after we are gone. This will be our record that we were here. Who knows, maybe, someday an ancestor might just look you up, since your record is here, and you will live on!



If you have pictures or stories you would like to have published here on our site, please email them to Jeannie, our Webmistress and they'll be added ASAP!

Also, if you have a son or daughter who has, or, is currently serving in the military, you may include their names in a page of acknowledgement planned here on our site. We are paying tribute to them and thanking them for carrying on the flag of honor you gave them. They now stand in the shoes you once wore. And we want to honor them.

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