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The 37th Signal BN-RVN

Here we honor the children and family members of our Veteran members, who have chosen to serve our nation.

This is our way of saying how much we appreciate what they do and how proud we are of them.

May God bless and protect them all as they defend and safeguard our liberty, homeland and lives.



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Here are pictures of PFC Christopher N. Monroe.
They were taken durring his deployment to Afganistan. He returned to Ft. Lewis, WA on Thanksgiving Eve. Could not get him interested in a Signal MOS; he’s an 11B acting vehicle commander in a Stryker.

Submitted on December 16, 2012
by Chris' dad, Nelson G. Monroe
D Co. 43rd Signal / 62nd Signal Co.

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Joe Crane, was in Special Forces and he is a past winner of the Secretary of Defense Special Operations Award.

After 23 years of service, Joe recently retired from the US Army as a 1st Sgt.

This information was submitted by Joe's very proud uncle, Ray Bossard.

Submitted: July 2009


Sgt. Eric Nordwig (center)
Son of Chip and Lindy Nordwig


Matthew Nordwig
Son of Chip and Lindy Nordwig


Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason Urmanic
Son of Jim Urmanic

We received word on April 2, 2003, that
Jason is on his way home after being
in Kuwait since August of 2002.


Tian Urmanic-Malone & SSGT Pat Malone
Jim Urmanic's Daughter Tian & her hubby Pat

This proud dad reports that Tian
is up for SSGT honors in May.


Corporal Aaron Scott Butcher, USMC
Aaron is the nephew of John "Tex" Steed

Aaron is currently stationed at Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan.
He is a snipper with a Special Operations outfit and he runs
SO'S in and out of the Philippines.

These pictures are of Aaron during some R&R time - by the sea,
just outside Camp Schwab and on the golf course.

Aaron will be coming home for a visit Sept. 2003 but
the family is not sure if he's going back to Japan.


Specialist 4th Class Mark Branch is Crappie John's cousin.
Mark is on his second tour in Iraq

Mark Branch is from Olive Branch, Mississippi.
His mother's name is Pamela and
his grandparents are James & Joann Worthinhton


Mark is sitting in Sadam's chair
after they took over Bagdad
Submitted: October 23, 2006



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