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Date Posted: February 6, 2018

Lou Buonanno

Email: loubuonanno@aol.com

I was in the 588th in 1968. in Dong Tam, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, and Cua Viet.

Is anybody, who was in our unit, interested in a 50th reunion?

If so, please email me.

Date Posted: December 27, 2016

Melvin Hyatt

Email: melhyattusa004@gmail.com

I'm Melvin Hyatt and I served in HHC 63rd Re. Signal RVN.

I am seeklng to connect with anyone who served in Phu Bai from July 1968 to July 1969.

At the time, I worked in the Motor Pool.

Date Posted: October 18, 2016

Clint Pence

Email: rcknlvr@hotmail.com

I am Clint Pence and I am from South Dakota.

I was in 37th Signal BN, Company "C" Chu Lai, RVN from September 1968 to November 1970.

I am looking for Bill Hughes from Kentucky and Jim Null from New Jersey.

I am also looking for Ron Newstrom, Ken Engels, Jim Heidenger, and Allen Killion.

Please call me at 1-605-996-4609 if you know any of these guys.

Date Posted: February 11, 2016

Roy Hopkins

Email: royhopkins27@yahoo.com

I am Sp4 Roy Hopkins, Wire Team.

I served in C Company, Chu Lai, in 1968. I would like to find anyone who was there at that time.

I was also in A Company, DaNang.

Date Posted: October 30, 2015

Andrew "Andy" Tempel

Email: amillionto1_2000@yahoo.com

63rd Signal Battalion HHC Vietnam 1970-71 - I was in this unit HHC Company clerk.

I believe I was exposed to Agent Orange on my trips around I corps, and later had congestive heart failure (CHF).

So far, the VA has denied me any disability. I am trying to find other members of the unit who may also have been exposed
or dealt with the VA about this. Or, find old buddies, especially Richard Pryor (a white dude).

Date Posted: September 9, 2015

Robert Dowell

Email: rndowell@ky-net.com

Does anyone know if there is a list of those who were killed during a rocket attack on the 37th Bn Compound on Da Nang Air Base in the early 1970s?

I was working in the linen section and we had a medical hold soldier who recuperating from wounds received during the attack. He said the electronics building was destroyed along with several other buildings.

Date Posted: October 20, 2014

John Elskamp, Executive Director
Veterans Legacy Foundation

Working on behalf of Joe Szumski

Email: acjohn103@charter.net
Im trying to help a fellow Vietnam Veteran, Joe Szumski.

We are looking for a CPT Cezarski, who was assigned to the 37th Signal BN, Co. A (1968).

Date Posted: September 2, 2013

Tammie, Lonnie, Jim, Crystal

Email: jimray1111@gmail.com
Our father, CPT James A. Ray, served in the 37th Sigal BN, Da Nang, from 1966-1969. When he arrived there in '67, he was a SPC4 (maybe SGT, not really sure). He was promoted to SSG, then left for OCS and returned as a LT. At some point he entered Special Forces.

If anyone can give us information about him and his service, his kids (2 sons and 2 daughters), would greatly appreciate your help. Even though he was badly wounded (which was why he came home), he was ashamed that he lived when so many did not. He vowed never to speak of his service and he kept his word. He passed away in 2005.

We would love to share the rest of the story of his life with anyone that can share the missing pieces that changed him from the father that he was before he left, to the man he was when he returned.

Date Posted: May 2, 2013

Lloyd D. Tortalita

Email: highered@puebloofacoma.org
This Lloyd D. Tortalita, known as "Chief". I was with Company "A", DaNang & Company "C", 37th Bn Chu Lai from April 1967 to April 1968. I remember the Rice Paddy Inn very well. Whoever remembers, please contact me.

Date Posted: January 29, 2012

Mike Mullen

Email: dmullen7784@wowway.com
I served with the 37th from Jan 1970 until Sep 1970. I was assigned Signal Support Detachment DaNang. If anyone was part of that unit and remembers Lt.Avery, or me, or just served out the outfit during that time, I'd like to correspond.

Date Posted: September 14, 2011

Rich Kunz

Email: kunzr@verizon.net
Looking for John Jenkins or anyone else who served at MACV Compound Quang Tri 1967.

Date Posted: May 18, 2011

Steven "Mickey" Muse

Email: eioumuse@yahoo.com
I served in Co A 37th Sig Bn (Spt) in Danang during 1968. I transferred there with SSG Jackie Hawkins, SGT James Carter, George Steuber, Leslie Zimmeman, Riley Collins, Oscar Harmon, Robert Yaworski, and Jerome Page from the 596th Sig Co that came from Az. We came to Vietnam via ship.

I would love to find any of these men.

Date Posted: April 1, 2010

Gary "Shep" Shepherd

Email: gwshep@charter.net
I was a cook and tower gaurd for HHD-37th Signal VN, Da Nang from April 1971 to March 1972.

I'm trying to find a buddy, Larry G. Ervin, from North Carolina.

Date Posted: February 18, 2010

Paul "Brutus" Bartos

Email: houpperjo@aol.com
I am trying to get in touch with Bros who served with me in Company C, the 37th Signal BN, Chu Lai, from September 1967 to September 1968. I worked in Comm Center.

I need to know how these guys are and hoping to reunite.

Date Posted:   October 29, 2009

Bill Messer

Email: willyboy1@aol.com
I served in Vietnam, BEARCAT, November-December 1966; then on Dong Tam December 1966 to December 1967. I started with the 36th Signal BN, then with the 588th.

James Van Diver and I served together and are in contact...anyone else out there?

Date Posted:   May 30, 2009

Bruce Bradshaw
SP/5 Crew Chief, UH-1H

Email: mcbrad@mac.com
I would like to hear from anyone serving in HHC, 12th Signal Group, Aviation Unit in PhuBai 1970 or after the move to DaNang in September 1970 up until February 1971.

Date Posted:   March 30, 2008

Robert Warren

Email: biggdogg@monroeaccess.net
I am looking for guys I actually served with in RVN, that may be able to help with my VA claim, or, at the very least, just served with.

I was with C Co. 40th Sig. Bn out of Bien Hoa; however, didn't spend much time there. I spent from early Dec. 1970 until late March 1971 in and around Da Nang, Chu Lai and areas I have no clue the names of, with a lot of people I have no clue who they were. Thank God I do have some pictures. I have 2 pictures posted now, but as soon as I can get some more transfered to disc I will be posting some more. The one person is me the 4 people are me and three guys I was working with I think in Chu Lai.

If anyone knows them or is one of them, please contact me. Thanks for any leads or contacts.

Date Posted:   March16, 2008

David J. Wise

Email: raptorcry70@wmconnect.com
Anyone who served @ I Corp Comm. Ctr. (ARVN) base Nov. 1970-Nov. 1971, please contact me.

Date Posted:   Sept. 18, 2008

Jim Schertz

Email: Jim4442841@aol.com
Looking for anyone that was in the 37th. Sig. Aviation Unit at Marble Mountain with me in 1972. It would be fantastic to locate Mike Smith, who was my old Crew Chief. If it were not for Mike, and a few others, I would not be here today. When Mike went home in June of 1972, I took over as Crew Chief for him. There is a shot of us with our chopper in the pictures section.

Date Posted:   March 10, 2007

Sgt. Richard M. Young

Email: Boeingdic@aol.com
I was in Nam from January 1967 to October 1967 and I was in the 588th Signal Company.

Is there anybody out there that knows any of these guys?
Date Posted:   Nov. 22, 2006

Sgt. Leonard Alvey

Email: leonard.l.alvey@us.army.mil
Hello, Jeannie. I looked up the 14th Signal Company and found the roster of a few soldiers who served with the 14th Company. I served with them in 1972, around June to December.

We also had people serving in Hue Quang Tri and A I Land, off the Gulf of Tonkin, called Huag Dien.

If you know anyone who was there in 1972, I would like to hear from them. Thank you for your time still serving in the Signal Corp.

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