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The pictures on these pages were submitted by our members. These pictures are a part of their lives. These pictures are their memories of their buddies and Nam. There are several pages of memories for viewing.

We are grateful that so many members have shared these moments in their lives with us.

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All The Pictures On This Page
Were Submitted By Wes Lindert

Unless otherwise noted, all the pictures were taken
at the Stratcom Facility, aka, "DSC" DaNang Signal Company.
It was down by China Beach, South of the 4 Corners

Picture 1
Left to right -- Howard Perry & Terry Carter

Picture 2
Left to right -- top row: Dave Emmons & Paul Eddinger
middle: Wes Lindert & Dave Hofarth (sp?)
bottom: A tree trimmer from Minnisota

Picture 3
Left to right -- Terry Carter, Wes Lindert, Howard Perry & Dave Robison

Picture 4 - Robert Keller

Picture 5 - Calvin Liller

Picture 6 - Wes lindert & the Tree Trimmer

Picture 7 - Calvin Liller, Dave Robison & Terry Carter

Picture 8 - The Tree Trimmer

Picture 9 - Dave Robison

Picture 10 - Terry Carter

Picture 11 - Unknown

Picture 12
4 Corners east of the river heading to China Beach

Picture 13
Road just outside of Stratcom Facility
Running North and South parallel to the ocean

Picture 14 - Stratcom Facility

Picture 15 - Hootch's at Stratcom Facility

Picture 16 - More Hootch's

Picture 17 - Outside of Chapel at Stratcom Facility

Picture 18 - Inside of Chapel

Picture 19 - Stratcom Facility looking at gate

Picture 20 - Dave Robison at Stratcom Sign

Picture 21 - Stratcom facility

Pictures 22, 23 & 24 - Best Damn Hootch in Nam

Picture 25 - Pictures of Terry Carter's wall

Picture 26 - Baby San Lom

Picture 27 - Mama San and Baby San

Picture 28 - Su Lan at NCO Club

Picture 29
Old Mama San - I had to sneak her picture.
I think she was VC or very afraid of cameras, lol

Picture 30 - EM Club


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