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The pictures on these pages were submitted by our members. These pictures are a part of their lives. These pictures are their memories of their buddies and Nam. There are several pages of memories for viewing.

We are grateful that so many members have shared these moments in their lives with us.

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The Picture(s) On This Page
Were Submitted By Eddie Gauthier on March 3, 2015

Page 1 - Pictures 1 - 4

Picture 1 - Marty Foral

Picture 2 - Pat Canner, Fox, Marty Foral, Chip Nordwig

Picture 3 - Eddie Gauthier

Picture 4 - Frank Miller, Robert Dow, (Unknown), Eddie Gauthier

Page 2 - Pictures 5 - 8

Picture 5 – Marty Foral, Eddie Gauthier

Picture 6 – Eddie Gauthier, Pat Canner, Marty Foral, Frank Miller

Picture 7 – Eddie Gauthier

Picture 8 – The 37th Signal Compound

Page 3 - Pictures 9 - 12

Picture 9 - Marty Foral

Picture 10 - Ed “Sulli” Sullivan

Picture 11 - Pat Canner, Ed “Sulli” Sullivan

Picture 12 - Ed “Sulli” Sullivan, Pat Canner, Larry Sareka

Page 4 - Pictures 13 - 16

Picture 13 - The back 40 of the 37th Signal

Picture 14 - Don’t remember exactly where this is. It could be at Chu Lai or
Quang Tri with the 588th Signal Company

Picture 15 - Eddie Gauthier

Picture 16 - Eddie Gauthier

Page 5 - Pictures 17 - 19

Picture 17 - Eddie Gauthier; The picture was taken night before he left for Quang Tri,
during operation Dewey Canyon II

Picture 18 - Our humble room at the 37th

Picture 19 - The switchboard, Co. A, 37th Signal BN


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